Van Conversions – for wheelchairs, commercial vehicles and more

van conversionAt O’Connell Van Conversions we offer every customer a quality van conversion from collection to delivery of converted vehicle.

We not only convert Vans to Wheelchair Accessible Taxi, we also convert Commercial Vehicles, with windows to the rear and flooring, timber aluminum, linoleum or hardwearing carpet or specialised flooring for disabled clients as required.

We fit bench seats, 1 stand alone, 2 – 3, stand alone seats with 3 point belts and secured to the floor by highly trained professionals.

We fit ramps manual or electronic ramps, lifts, steps.

Our van conversions come with a Safety Certification for local Authority, NCT or Insurance (these are independently assessed).

Send us the details of your vehicle and we will send you a quote. There is also new legislation to where a commercial jeep converted according to new regulations it can still be taxed as a commercial vehicle.  We can let you know what this is and we can convert it and certify it for you.  We can also convert vans to crew cabs.
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van conversion
fit bench seats

install ramp